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• International Passport(Valid for 6 months)t
• (2) Coloured passport photographs preferably on white background
• Proof Employment i.e. Letter from employer stating position, salary, authorizing vacation.
• Proof of available funds for the trip i.e. 6 months Bank statement, Treasury bill certificate etc.
• Employment details (both previous and present including the start and end dates)
• Educational background (Post Secondary Education information, stating school name, address, qualification earned, start and end dates)
• Birth certificate
• Pay slip (6 months)
• Marriage certificate (if applicable)
• Family pictures
• Assets e.g landed properties, shares (if any)
• Certificate of Incorporation (if business owner)
• Consent letter from Spouse

From Sponsor

• International passport bio data page
• Letter from Sponsor
• Bank statements Valid up to 6 month, stamped and signed.
• Letter from Sponsors Bank

From Host
• Invitation Letter
• Bio data page of international passport
• Copy of Utility bill
• Bank statement
• Residence permit (photocopy)
• Proof of employment

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